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Friday, May 29, 2015

Occupational Therapy & Cognition

The OT lady came by. She always asks dad the day and where he is. He knew right away today, which is good news. Since Robert has gotten here, he has had bad memory and focus abilities.

He would often wake up confused, not knowing where he is, the day, or why he was in the hospital. He told me he was in Baltimore once because that was where the statue in liberty was. He woke up once and took his IVs.

Father and the OT walked together, dad got up and, using a walker, walked to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He hadn't done that in a while. Robert had been. His teeth in his bed. After teeth, he walked back and sat in the chair where he got his elbuterol treatment for his lungs.

I'm still waiting for news from his MDs. The RN took him off the heparin. It seems his clotting factors are normal again.

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