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Friday, November 13, 2015

All goes well!

We had a good week up here. Joycelyn has gotten in the habit of brining dad cooked meals. This week he has gotten mushroom marinara sauce for pasta, stroganoff and two types of casserole.

Despite this, he has kept his weight down. Dad has dropped about fifty pants vs a year ago and it isn't going back up. Eating real, cooked food seems to be better for you than 2,000 calories a day of ethanol. It's gotten to the point we need to look at taking in his shirts, pants and sport coats. His waist is down an easy ten inches.

The new heart medicine that dad's cardiologist prescribed has done wonderful. His arythmia is gone and his blood pressure has dropped about 50 points! 145/90 is his new norm, and this makes me very happy. I was very concerned about vascular issues and stroke when he hovered around 200/150. I would still like his pressure to get down to around 120/70, but it's not terrifying me anymore.