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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dinner plans

Today day has dinner scheduled with his friend Catherine. She is working at an opera, and they are going out to eat after the show. Dad's not going to the show; he is meeting up with her afterwords.

We've gone to the store a few times this week and dad had a visit with his cardiologist Monday. We had made this appointment because dad's heart medicine has gotten incredibly expensive. For a medicine where the patent ran out over twenty years ago to cost $400 a month is ridiculous. The doctor put him on another drug and this pill has the side effect of lowering blood pressure! We are quite happy about that.

Dad's blood pressure is still hovering around 170/110, so we are taking steps. His salt has been switched from sodium to potassium. We found potato chips that only have 40mgs of salt and TV Dinners under 300mgs. Tabasco and his preferred salsa are both very low in salt, so that's a plus. If his BP doesn't get better soon, we are heading back to his main doctor and new meds will be incoming!

Love to you all!


PS. Day counts: Robert 166, Peter 145