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Saturday, July 25, 2015


My mom emailed me, after I posted about my dad's status, asking about my day count. Just an update, if anyone else was wonder.

Two Month

As of today, it has been 61 days (2 months) since dad had his last drink. He has visited his bar, having a club soda, to meet his friends. Joycelyn and I visit almost every day. We make sure his fridge is stocked, his meds are set up for the week and he has a nice meal for dinner.

I usually cook him dinner every day. His favorite entry has turned out to be a teriyaki-sauteed chicken breast. I make a salad and some mashed potatoes as side items to go with the chicken.

The photo is from last week when we walked over to Riverside Park. It's no where near the size of Central Park, but it is a very nice park. There is a large lawn and a plenty of benches. We sat in the sun for about an hour, just chatting and absorbing the UV radiation.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Just two sober guys...

...enjoying some Japanese food. Dad had sushi and I enjoyed teriyaki chicken.

Day 39 for Peter, day 58 for Robert.