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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coming up on Five months

Dad and I continue to do well.

We have a visit with his cardiologist next month, and we need to talk to him about his heart medicine and his BP meds. We have stopped his heart meds as his ekg is clear and it's gotten over $400 a month. Problem is, one of his BP meds has some heart side effects (it lowers his heart rate), so we need to reexamine his drug situation.

His strength is returning, but slowly. Around the block twice is doable now, but that has taken ages to achieve. We are about to start training without his cane. I hope this does well. He will only be going out without the cane if I am there, so don't worry.

His blood pressure has gotten very high recently. The new recommendations (  of aiming for under 140mg systolic (?? Top number) means dad is between 19 and 59 points high constantly. He has never dropped below 159mgs. We have already reduced his sodium intake and are starting a second round of cuts. Table salt is already a thing of the past, but more drastic measures are needed. We want a multifaceted approach, so I'm hoping better meds ate put there.

I hope all is well with everyone.