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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New York Presbyterian

Robert was admitted to the hospital Sunday, May 24th around 3am. He had fallen and the EMTs took him to NY Presbyterian hospital. His strength is so low he is unable to walk, even with a walker or cane, unassisted. His appetite has been very low, leaving him without energy, so he doesn't go out of his apartment much, so he doesn't get any exercise, so he doesn't get very hungry, repeat.

The long-term plan is to transfer him, after stabilization, to an in-patient physical rehab faculty to regain his strength. He would speed weeks, not months, there before being released.

Dad took a slight turn for the worse last night.

His O² stats hit the floor (low 70s) last night. The x-ray of his chest showed fluid build up in his lungs, so they have put him on diuretics to drain his lungs. They have put him on a bypath (spelling?) machine to push more air into his system, assisting his kidneys to work harder so the lungs drain faster. It's basically a really Damn expensive sleep-apnea machine.

An endocardiogram is also on the list to check for heart blood vessel blockages. They have him on IV heparin to clear any possible blocks. They believe he may have had a extremely mild heart attack overnight.

They are not concerned, currently, that any of these issues are even close to life-threatening. He will be transfered into the cardiac ICU for closer monitoring, that said.

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