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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Robert Update

Dad is doing well. His health and strength continue to improve. A daily exercise regimen continues to push his endurance and improve his muscle tone.

There has been a release date set: Tuesday, June 30th. We are much happier with this coming date as they have pushed him much further in the last ten days. He can walk quite a distance. His balance is much better.

His memory has improved noticeably, but it is not what it was before. Something has definitely been lost compared to a year ago. It was hard to gauge his cognition before he went in to the hospital because of how much he was drinking. How is one to tell if he is struggling to find a word because of memory issues or gin?

Before anyone worries, Robert doesn't have serious trouble in this area. If you have spoken to or interacted with him in the last year, he will show a marked improvement. I just don't want anyone to think this stay in the hospital and Rehab have turned him into his fourty-year-old self.

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